Wednesday, August 18, 2010


A long time ago, in a High School invariably either far away or near you (whatever), a small group of classmates began what would become a long standing tradition. A tradition that no one outside the group understood.

What they didn't realize, however, was that they had created a virtual universe. Much like the universe of a cartoon, a sitcom, a film or even a series of related paintings, this universe consists of a carnival of characters. Some are hilarious, others frightening. Often, they're a keen mixture of both.

So, venture, if you will, into a vast universe that will offend you, entertain you, anger you, tickle you or even just moderately amuse you. Venture into the:


What you need to know:

1.) Most characters have full names and occupations listed. However, you will encounter some without a name but with an occupation. Sometimes, the reverse will be true. Then again, you might encounter some without a name or an occupation. Do not fret. This is perfectly FINE.

2.) Take heed, for dark humor seems to be the order and way of things in this vast universe.

3.) There are some families of plate characters. See if you can catch 'em all!

4.) You're totally encouraged to make your own and submit them via e-mail to: We'll have a "fan submission" section up where they'll be placed. This universe isn't too big that it can't handle more denizens and miscreants. Follow the general "NAME/CHARACTER DESIGN/OCCUPATION" format if you'd like, or do something different. It's up to you, douchebag.


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